When the days are getting shorter and darker, the parties are getting longer and brighter. It’s time to get your party wear out of your closet. Or, as we prefer, it is time for a little shopping. A sequin item in your wardrobe is a musthave. Wear sequins with some classics and it makes your outfit fabuleux! We love a sequin crop top with a leather pencil skirt. It’s Always easier to wear a one piece, like a jumpsuit or a dress. Finish with a pair of killer heels and you are good to go. Les Fabuleux Deux selected their favourite sequin items by Topshop and Pull and Bear.



1. Sequin Velvet Dress €88 by Topshop, 2. Golden Sequin Top €76 by Topshop, 3. Sequin Leopard Skirt €25.99 by Pull and Bear, 4. Beaded Jumpsuit €39.99 by Pull and Bear, 5. Glitter Clutch €33 Topshop, 6. Sequin Tinsel Dress €90 by Topshop and 7. Glitter Heels €130 by Topshop.

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